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Types of events

  • Normal events
  • Pathfinder events
  • Recurring events
  • Event series

Suggesting an event

Ideas for new events can be suggested at [].

Creating a new event

To start a new event:

  1. Pick a slug for the event. It should be all lowercase.
  2. Create a wiki page. The page name should be Events/<slug>. You can use the following template as a starting point:
  location: TBA
  date: "YYYY-MM-DD"
  endDate: "YYYY-MM-DD"
  unlisted: true
    - Creatorsgarten


{% render 'EventBox', name: ref %}

Full event list

Creative Coding Meetup #2: Algorave Silent Disco ()2023-07-22algoravesilentdisco
The โง่ Hackathon ครั้งที่ 7 แห่งประเทศ ThailandSponsorship2023-06-24sht7
React Meetup 06/232023-06-21reactmeetup0623
Functional Programming Meetup #12023-05-19functional
VS Code Day 2023 - Thailand2023-05-06vscodeday2023
Creative Coding MeetupCoverage · Feedback · OrganizerNotes2023-05-03creativecodingmeetup
Bangkok Open Source HackathonCoverage · Feedback2023-02-19bangkok
Data Driven Love #22023-02-09love2
Bkk.js #17 - Developer Showtime2022-10-29bkkjs17
Hacktoberfest Thailand 20222022-10-29hacktoberfest2022
React Meetup 09/222022-09-30reactmeetup0922
Code Golf Party #1FAQ · Feedback · Sponsorship2022-08-26golf1
Sciยศาสตร์ Night: คืนไสยศาสตร์เดือนวิทยาศาสตร์กรุงเทพฯ2022-08-20scisart
The ៦th Stupid Hackathon in ThailandCoverage · Feedback2022-07-02sht6
Svelte Meetup Bangkok #12022-06-24svelte1
Code in the Wind #1Feedback2022-05-17wind
Biological Aesthetic of Nature, and How to Remain Curious Under Oppressive Education2022-05-05bio
Marshmallow Campfire!2022-04-30marshmallow
Polaryz Camp #12022-04-21polaryz1
How to Learn (Almost) Anything2022-03-20learn
GraphQL Meetup 10.02021-08-20graphql
The 5th StuP1d H@CK THaIL@Nd (Online)Coverage · Feedback2021-07-26sht5
Hacktoberfest Thailand 2020Feedback2020-10-17hacktoberfest2020
BKK.JS 14 Return of the BKK.JS2020-10-01bkkjs14
stupid hackathon thailand the fourth / virtual 2020 (Online)Coverage · Feedback2020-06-24sht4
Hacktoberfest Open Hack Day BKK 20192019-10-19hacktoberfest2019
The Stupid Hackathon Thailand #3Coverage · Feedback2019-04-20sht3
Young Creators' Camp2019-03-21ycc1
Data Driven Love จีบแบบ Dev ยังไงไม่ให้นก2019-02-12love
CodePlearn โค้ดเพลิน - Code, Play, and Learn!2019-01-19codeplearn
The Stupid Hackathon Thailand #2Coverage · Feedback2018-07-14sht2
The Stupid Hackathon BangkokCoverage2017-09-30sht1

Hosting an event

See: HowToHostAnEvent


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