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what did you like about this hackathon? what did you enjoy the most?

  • Like it very much, like a friendly meeting
  • I have a feeling that virtual hackathon will not going to be as good as not virtual one. But this hackathon was really fun. What I like the most happen to be the first day when we're all on whiteboard it's so engaging.
  • meeting the strangers.
  • This is a open-mind hackathon which everyone can shows their ability. The most thing I like is "This hackathon is not providing any Business features" There is not focus on any profit.
  • การได้เห็นโปรเจกต์ต่างๆที่น่าสนใจจากทุกกลุ่ม
  • What I like the most about this was the fact that we are allowed to make anything we want without being judged by others. I got to see a lot of creative, out of this world projects. I was a bit nervous at first because my team seems to be the youngest in this hackathon, but everyone(both organizers and participants) was very friendly and open. I was worried about presenting my project, but feedbacks from everyone was overwhelming(in a good way) and made me more confident and eager to develop stuff in the future. Also, the idea of using google sheets and discord server was great and well organized. I especially loved the live stations where I got to talk with a lot of people. The atmosphere in the event was lovely, prizes are amazing😂. The timing was great and considerate for people who had other businesses to tend to(like me). Overall, the experience was so enjoyable and inspiring. I'll make sure to come again next year ╰(°▽°)╯
  • the THEME of this event is outstanding and very enjoyable. (and also the stupid bot is very utilized.)
  • สนุกตรงที่ทำอะไรก็ได้ที่อยากทำ ได้ความรู้ใหม่ ๆ เยอะเลย (ชอบ stupid bot มากครับ)

what could be better? what did you enjoy the least?

  • Quality of live stream
  • Prizing categories could be better. This time some projects could not be well categorized when voting.
  • I do enjoy doing code without the thought in my head.
  • I like this theme, so me and my friends can get more experience and try out something we have never done before. It will be better if you have more concentrate with "Stupid Hackathon" and judge with only the most stupid winner.
  • ด้วยความที่จัดแบบออนไลน์ ทำให้ไม่ได้รู้จักกับเพื่อนใหม่ได้มากขนาดนั้น
  • There wasn't really anything I don't like uwu.

do you have any suggestions for us to try out?

  • add more award genre.
  • You might look for other application besides Discord. It hard for me to join this feature cause it is quiet new for me.
  • As for the voting system, if we can vote a team after their presentation is finished, that would be great.
  • i hope to participate in the real-world event actually.

say anything!!

  • Hello World
  • See you next year!
  • You guy are the best!
  • cheers! thanks!
  • Phoomparin is very cute boy haha. Please set up this event on viral soon! I will enjoy it again!
  • เคยอยากไปแบบ offline แต่กดบัตรไม่ทัน...
  • Thank you for this event(❁´◡`❁). This was my first hackathon and it really gave me the courage to participate in other events and develop more creative ideas for my own projects. The experience was very inspiring for me, who wants to be a developer in the future. Thank you<3 V11/10V
  • anything!!
  • อยากได้ Plash Speed!!

finally, please rate your overall experience about this hackathon

(average=9.4, n=9)


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