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Organizer Onboarding

Join Outline to collaborate on meeting notes

We use the open-source Outline application to store and collaborate on meeting notes. To access them:

  1. Visit and sign in.

  2. Click "Continue with OpenID Connect".

    • Log in with your Eventpop account.
    • On the Data Access Request screen, click "Send information and continue".
  3. After joining, you won't initially have access to the collection containing our meeting notes. Please notify us in the Messenger group, and we'll add you to the collection.

  4. Once you’re in, you should see JavaScript Bangkok 2.0.0 in the sidebar. Find the 🏑 Onboarding document and continue from there.

Activity log

2024-01-141st sync meeting, Messenger group created
2024-01-27Project announced at BKK.js #19, Riffy announced the initiative on Facebook
2024-02-042nd sync meeting
2024-02-183rd sync meeting
2024-03-034th sync meeting
2024-03-175th sync meeting
2024-03-316th sync meeting, we agreed to commit to a date and venue
2024-05-16CFP opened in sessionize
2024-06-17Call for sponsor posted on Facebook
2024-07-20CFP promoted on Facebook
2024-07-23Event published on Facebook


UPDATED 23 July 2024