Wiki Organizer Notes / algorave

Activity log

2023-07-11Notion page setup
2023-08-021st meeting
2023-08-052nd meeting
2024-02-09Artists 1st sync
2024-02-14Organizer sharing sessions announced
2024-02-22Organizer sharing sessions
2024-02-28Poom posted event teaser on Facebook
2024-02-29Nattanon posted event teaser on Facebook
2024-03-02Pub posted event teaser on Facebook
2024-03-02Event published on Eventpop
2024-03-03Event announced on Instagram, Facebook page created
2024-03-10Event published to Facebook
2024-03-13What is a bit of thai tunes?, What is algorave?
2024-03-14Eventpop tickets released
2024-03-18Museum Siam promoted the event
2024-03-22Artist lineup posted
2024-03-24Time Out Bangkok promoted the event
2024-03-27Eventpass promoted the event, workshop details and tickets released
2024-03-29Art of promoted the event


UPDATED 1 April 2024