Wiki β†’ Informal Gatherings

An informal gathering (or a lightweight meetup) is an event that requires very little preparation.

  • Bingsu.js, post-meetup after-parties friendly for both introverts and extraverts. It can happen after any event. The mechanic is simple; after a meetup, don’t go home just yet. Stay around for a while. Once most people went back, gather the remaining people and invite them for a meal.

  • Emkay, a meetup where we eat at MK Restaurant and talk. This may be a standalone event, or it may be a post-meetup after-party as well.

  • OnsenJS, where we work remotely at an onsen place. Usually, these places have a cafe area where we can work. Then we can dip into an onsen pool when you need a break or you have to wait for builds to finish.


UPDATED 10 July 2024