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หลังจากที่ได้รับการตอบรับเป็นอย่างดีมาตลอดใน The Stupid Hackathon Thailand ทั้ง 6 ครั้ง, ปีนี้เรากลับมาแล้วกับ The โง่ Hackathon ครั้งที่ 7 แห่งประเทศ Thailand!

🙋 What is The Stupid Hackathon?

The Stupid Hackathon in Thailand is a collaborative hackathon in Thailand with non-competitive intentions and no focuses on business value.

Our main goal for this hackathon is to get makers to just have fun and learn together, through working on any project they can dream of, fostering a community of enthusiastic creators.

The stupid hackathon is held all around the world, including New York (the original), San Francisco, Rhode Island, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Hawaii, UK, Shanghai, Singapore, and… here, Thailand! In the spirit of the stupid hackathons worldwide, this event is non-commercial and free to attend.

For this event to become a reality, we need your support.

💡 Quick information about this event

✨ Sponsor Packages

💸 Monetary Sponsorship

See our balance sheets at

💰 I’m Rich™️ Sponsorship (value of ฿5,555 or more)

For I’m Rich™️ Sponsorships

Please contact us at our Facebook page

Note: We used to call it Corporate sponsorship, but there are several people who support us this package individually, so we decided to change the name.

Your sponsorship will bring a lot of laughter! We will make sure to acknowledge that you made the event possible in various ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Posting the image of your choice (1080x1080px) on our social media
  • Including the (same) image of your choice (1080x1080px) on the hall of เกียรติยศ section of our website
  • Including image of your choice (maybe your face or a corporate logo) on our assets (keynotes, posters, etc.) and social media posts.
  • Giving a shout-out to your company during the event.

👀 Individual Sponsorship

For Individual Sponsorships

Donate to us directly at our form

Your sponsorship will contribute to our fun! We will note your contributions in various ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Mentioning your name on our thank you post on our social media
  • Including your name on our website
  • A sincere gratitude from us

📦 Non-Monetary Sponsorship

For Non-Monetary Sponsorships:

Please contact us at our Facebook page

Item Sponsorship

Other than that, we accept any items as a sponsorship. These can be items that will help us host the event or anything you want to include in the prize pool!

💰 Budgeting Plans

The budget is calculated based on expenses of previous events for the approximation of 120 people. NOTE: Expenses may vary based on the budget that we get.

🍕 Meals, Snacks & Beverages

  • Estimated cost (3 meals for 120 people): ~45,000 THB
    • Extra: 5,400 THB — free Evian for everyone!
  • Snacks
    • Estimated Cost: ~1,500 THB

🪄 Swags

  • T-shirt
  • Holographic Sticker
    • Estimated cost: ~3,265 THB
  • Anything else
    • Keychain
    • Coffee Mug
    • Tote Bag

🤖 Prize Pool

Due to the event’s non-competitive nature, we want to be able to give as many prizes to give to as many participants as possible, with just a few grand prizes.

Option 1 → Prizes of your choice: We’d prefer many small-to-medium prizes, with grand prizes being rare items.

Option 2 → Let us choose: we promise that the award will be stupid.

🔆 Miscellaneous

  • Name Tag
    • Estimated cost: ~20 THB * 120 = ~2,400 THB
  • Venue decoration: e.g. Giant unicorn Swim ring, Christmas tree, Jack o’ lantern
  • Enhance the hackathon experience through your custom contribution: e.g. 3d printer, VR headset, Cloud credits, etc.

👾 About us

The Stupid Hackathon in Thailand is hosted by the organizers of The Stupid Hacakthon in Thailand, which is a guild of Creatorsgarten.


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