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Creatorsgarten is a collective of antidisciplinary creators. We bring people together to work on new ideas, trying new things and collaborate across disciplines.

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With a growing number of members across a diverse range of fields, Creatorsgarten decided to establish guilds aligned with ongoing projects and member interests.

Bangkok Open SourceAiming to promote the open-source culture and facilitate connections between creators, developers, and civic and government organizations
Showdown SpaceHosting community tech events in the form of recreational tech contests and game shows
Web DevelopersThe guild focusing on web development and brings together developers interested in creating websites and web applications
Creative CodersCreative coders who are interested in using technology to create interactive art, multimedia experiences, and other innovative projects
Indie HackersCommunity of hackers and developers who are interested in creating and building cool things using technology
CMC GartenFriends of Thi from TUCMC.
Software EngineeringA group for software engineers who are interested in sharing their knowledge, experiences, and best practices related to software development
University Club WGa working group that maintains the circle of computer clubs in Thailand. This group brings together computer clubs from universities across Thailand and provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking
LongkeebCommunity for ergonomic/split keyboard enthusiasts. Explore, customize, and connect with fellow keyboard enthusiasts in Longkeeb guild. WGPart of KaoGeek working group.
CoderDojo WGSupporting and promoting CoderDojo Thailand Group, a network of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people
Homeschool Network WGSupporting the network of homeschooling families who are interested in incorporating technology and computer science education into their curriculum WGDeveloping Contentsgarten-engine,, and as an open-source information sharing platform across organizations
Oknize WGDeveloping Oknize, an event organizing toolset for organizers
MetagartenMeta-guild for organizing Creatorsgarten guilds and systems
DX Block WGRethinking Data Science Learning Approach


The Stupid Hackathon in Thailand
Hacktoberfest Thailand Chapter
Frontend Meetup Series
Sciยศาสตร์ NightTo be hosted every August
Meta EventsWorkshops, Meetups, Hackathons for Creatorsgarten by Creatorsgarten
มหาวิทยาลัยสามทุ่ม / 9PM UniversityOriginated by พ่อโจ้
SciDojoOriginated by พ่อโจ้


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This website ( creatorsgarten/ is built with Astro. This wiki is powered by Contentsgarten ( creatorsgarten/contentsgarten), a headless wiki engine that uses a GitHub repository as a data storage ( creatorsgarten/wiki). They are deployed to


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