We create things to find the beauty and fun around us.

Creatorsgarten is a collective of creators who enjoy making things. We unite to create a supportive environment for all the creators where they can come to create, learn, and share.



Through workshops, meetups, hackathons, and much more, we bring people together to work on new ideas and trying new things together across the disciplines.

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Creatorsgarten =
Garden of Creators

The name Creatorsgarten comes from the word creators and garten, as in kindergarten, which means a garden of children. We chose this name because we want to create a garden for all the creators out there, where they can cultivate their ideas and watch them grow.


We believe that work should be enjoyable, and that every day is an opportunity to learn something new and have some fun.


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As a collective with many initiatives, each with their own uniqueness, there has been separate organization dedicated to each. Creatorsgarten serves to bring all our initiatives together.

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