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Hacktoberfest Thailand 2023

Hacktoberfest Thailand 2023

  • กดลิงค์นี้มาแก้บอร์ดเลย --> Draw anything! Share your projects, good first issues, tips and thoughts here for everyone to see!
  • หาโปรเจค contribute เลยวันนี้ --> Bangkok Open Source Webring: ใครได้ 3 PR วันนี้เอาเสื้อไปเลยยย
Archive: Creative Coding Meetup

Creative Coding Meetup #2 - Coding Colorful Sounds

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Event page: Side Project Showdown

Archive: Functional programming meetup #2: Elm for frontend developers

Event page: Functional Meetup #2: Elm for Frontend Developers

Archive: Functional programming meetup #1

Event page: Functional Programming Meetup #1

Archive: Creative coding meetup #1

Event page: Creative Coding Meetup

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