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Longkeeb is a Creatorsgarten guild started by @xb1g dedicated to the passionate community of ergonomic and split keyboard enthusiasts.

Our Community

At Longkeeb, we strive to bring together a diverse community of individuals who share a common love for ergonomic and split keyboards. Whether you're an experienced keyboard designer or a curious beginner, Longkeeb provides a welcoming space for you to connect, learn, and collaborate.

Join us to explore the world of ergonomic mechanical keyboards, discuss design options, customization techniques, and share valuable resources. Our community embraces the innovative and ever-evolving landscape of ergonomic typing, empowering you to optimize your keyboard setup for comfort, efficiency, and personal style.

What We Offer

  • Knowledge Exchange: Engage in lively discussions about keyboard design principles, keyswitch options, firmware customization, keycap profiles, and more. Share your expertise and learn from fellow enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of ergonomic keyboards.

  • Build Showcase: Showcase your remarkable keyboard builds and gain inspiration from others. Whether it's a unique split keyboard or a customized key layout, Longkeeb celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of ergonomic keyboard creations.

  • Supportive Environment: Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about ergonomics and split keyboards. Seek advice, troubleshoot challenges, and find encouragement within our vibrant Creatorsgarten community.

Join Longkeeb

Ready to embark on a journey of ergonomic excellence? Join Longkeeb today and immerse yourself in a community of passionate ergonomic and split keyboard enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to enhance your typing experience, share your creations, or learn from others, Longkeeb offers a supportive space for you to connect, collaborate, and thrive.

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and discover the possibilities of ergonomic and split keyboards!


UPDATED 18 May 2023