Wiki →, a Creatorsgarten guild led by @dtinth, hosts community tech events in the form of recreational tech contests and game shows.

Our events

Code Golf Party #1A programming contest where participants try to solve problems with the smallest amount of code possible.
Code in the Wind #1A game show where contestants implement a web page according to the reference screenshot and a set of objectives using Tailwind CSS.


  • Fun front and foremost. Our main goal is simply for tech folks to have fun together while learning new things. As such, the emphasis is on knowledge sharing rather than finding who will be the best or winning prizes.

  • Provide a space for people to show off their raw skills. In addition to providing a fun and engaging way for people to connect with others who share their interests, we also attempt to solve the problem of talent recruitment. After each event, we publish the event information and rankings on our website. Participants can opt to include their GitHub profile on the ranking page.

  • Provide a way for tech firms to get recognized. Sponsors can contribute prizes, venues, and other kind of support and get recignized for their contributions.

While our events have an element of competitiveness due to its very nature, they are not the main goal. This comparison table should help guide the events in the intended direction:

❌ Serious competitions✅ Recreational tech contests and game shows
❌ Compete (แข่งขัน)✅ Participate (ร่วมสนุก)
❌ Contestants / Contenders✅ Participants
❌ Focus on finding who’s the best✅ Focus on learning new things together
❌ Focus winning prizes✅ Focus on having fun with like-minded peers
❌ For profit✅ Totally non-commercial



This project consists of 2 main layers: the foundation layer and the application layer.

Foundation layer

The foundation layer is about creating re-usable components that can be reused across multiple events.

Application layer



UPDATED 12 May 2023