Wiki β†’ How To Host An Event


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If you have attended several tech meetups, at some point you may wish a certain kind of meetup exists. Maybe someone encouraged you to run the meetup yourself. Maybe you agree. Thus it’s on you to turn the idea into a reality.

Find an ally and make a group

The first step is to find an ally. Post on your Facebook to see if anyone is interested in joining you in organizing the meetup. You can also reach out to local tech organizations or existing meetup organizers to see if they would be interested in partnering with you or offering advice.

See examples

These examples are from both Creatorsgarten events and other events.

Next, invite people who have shown their interest into a chat group, such as Facebook Messenger or Discord.

Find a date and a venue

Discuss within the group to find a suitable date and venue.

  • Take a look at to make sure there are no other events on the same date.

  • Once the date and venue is confirmed, create an event on You can put TBC or TBA in the event title if the details are not yet confirmed.

Prepare image assets

See EventImages for image specifications.


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