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Past Events

Through workshops, meetups, hackathons, and much more, we bring people together to work on new ideas, trying new things and working together across disciplines.

Bangkok Open Source Hackathon
Data Driven Love #2
Bkk.js #17 - Developer Showtime
Hacktoberfest Thailand 2022
React Meetup 09/22
Code Golf Party #1
Sciยศาสตร์ Night: คืนไสยศาสตร์เดือนวิทยาศาสตร์กรุงเทพฯ
The ៦th Stupid Hackathon in Thailand
Svelte Meetup Bangkok #1
Code in the Wind #1
Biological Aesthetic of Nature, and How to Remain Curious Under Oppressive Education
Polaryz Camp #1
How to Learn (Almost) Anything
GraphQL Meetup 10.0
The 5th StuP1d H@CK THaIL@Nd (Online)
Hacktoberfest Thailand 2020
BKK.JS 14 Return of the BKK.JS
stupid hackathon thailand the fourth / virtual 2020 (Online)
Hacktoberfest Open Hack Day BKK 2019
The Stupid Hackathon Thailand #3
Young Creators' Camp
Data Driven Love จีบแบบ Dev ยังไงไม่ให้นก
CodePlearn โค้ดเพลิน - Code, Play, and Learn!
The Stupid Hackathon Thailand #2
The Stupid Hackathon Bangkok
Marshmallow Campfire!