Hacktoberfest Open Hack Day BKK 2019

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19 October 2019



LINK www.eventpop.me


It's Hacktoberfest 2019 — let’s contribute to open-source projects! Hacktoberfest Open Hack Day Bangkok is an event where many communities unite and submit pull requests to GitHub repositories together!


Hacktoberfest — brought to you by DigitalOcean in partnership with DEV — is a month-long celebration of open source software. Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors toward issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to both projects they like and others they've just discovered. No contribution is too small — bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.


This event will be run in a mixture of English and Thai. Some contents may be in one language, others may be bilingual.


When multiple communities join together we can do more things!

  • Want peer support? You can come here and work on open source projects with other people!
  • Don't know what project to contribute to? We have sharing sessions from many communities. We’ll showcase open source projects that are looking for contributors and also give general tips on contributing to open source.
  • Just getting started? Our mentors and participants can help you get your first Pull Request rolling!
  • Looking for people to contribute to your open source project? There’s no more perfect opportunity!
  • Want to learn? We have talks and workshops throughout the event. You can take a break from coding and join one of our talk/workshop sessions.
  • Want to share? We have lightning talks and open space sessions!
  • Want to meet more people? Come on in!


This event is a huge collaboration between many companies, developer communities, and individuals (this list is not final yet and is still subject to change):

  • Katinrun
  • NoobProgrammer Thailand Community
  • ELECT.in.th
  • Web Components Developer Thailand
  • Individual developers
  • Listen to Function ฟังก์ฉันหน่อย
  • Angular Developers Thailand
  • ThoughtWorks
  • Bangkok.rb
  • Python Thailand
  • PyLadies Thailand
  • CodeSanook
  • Noob Learning
  • And many individuals (see list in co-hosts)



This event will be run in 2 simultaneous tracks.

  • Hack track — Work on open-source projects and submit PRs!
  • Sharing track — Learn and share with our sessions, workshops, and lightning talks.

Event schedule:

  • (9:00) - Check-in + Coffee time
  • (10:00) - Registration
  • (10:30) - Opening sessions
    • Introduction to Hacktoberfest
    • How to start contributing
    • Community projects showcase
  • (11:30) - Hack track begins with sharing track running in parallel:
    • “Angular and its open sources tools” — Jame from Angular Developers Thailand
    • “Why I love Ruby” [EN] — Tino from Bangkok.rb
    • “Using Puzzle-Driven-Development to make your project more beginner friendly” [EN] — Thai from Taskworld
    • “Centering things in CSS” — Jun from ThoughtWorks
  • (12:30) - Lunchtime
  • (13:30) - Hack track and sharing track continues:
    • “Build DApps on Libra Blockchain” [TH] — KULAP
    • “How to give a talk in English as a non-native speaker” [EN] — Georgi from Python Thailand
    • Lightning talks
  • (17:30) - Closing and afterparty onwards

Organizers notes

We have multiple developers community group, mostly disjoint, for example:

  • Students group: YCC, YCI, NoobProgrammer
  • Professional developers: BigBears.io, Thai Programmer
  • Specific interest group: Katinrun (Blockchain)
  • Diversity groups: Girls Who Dev, Women Who Code Thailand

Let's put many communities in the same venue and contribute to open source together! Each community may has different objectives and interests and may come up with different activities. For example:

  • Have people find issues and submit PRs to open source projects
  • Have people team up and create an open source app.
  • Encouraging and teaching people to contributing to open source.
  • Teaching people how to contribute to open source.
  • Teaching people basic Git skills.
  • Making friends with likemind people, networking.

We are simply putting them in the same room so that we can do more together. More people to mingle. More diverse activities.

Venue information

  • The workspace can hold about 100 people. There are 10 tables.
  • Event area
  • 25 monitors
    • I might want to scatter some monitors around the work/event space. The goal is to make it easy for other people to see what you’re working on.

Ways you can help

Here are some ways you can help to make this event more awesome!

  • Help us distribute tickets
    • In many free events, a lot of event tickets run out in just a few seconds after opening, and that sucks. So I'm thinking about distributing a portion of tickets through various communities, so that people who missed the chance to get a ticket from the event page can grab a ticket from the developer group they are in. Also to increase the diversity of communities.
  • Providing a short session/workshop
    • Maybe you can talk briefly about what your community/organization does, and showcase some of your open source projects that are looking for contributors.
  • Providing mentoring (in general or about some topics)
    • Helping out developers and beginners in the event with technical issues and help them create and submit their first pull request.
    • Giving a lot of encouragement!
  • Providing snacks/drinks/food
  • Help us run an after party
  • Another kind of contribution?


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