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“My body needs some Onsen…” Take a break, meet up with great people, or work remotely, with an Onsen pool a few footsteps away!

tl;dr: Join us and work remotely with boosted productivity and cleanliness, with an Onsen communal bath available a few footsteps away from your workspace.

It is well known that taking a bath improves creativity and problem solving. Archimedes found his Eureka moment in the bath. Hundreds of people came up with thoughtful ideas in the shower and posted to r/Showerthoughts every day. “72% of people get their best ideas in the shower.” Taking shower is known to contribute to increased dopamine flow and helps you become more relaxed, bringing you to the “creative sweet spot”.

Furthermore, taking bath makes you feel more fresh and energized. And it promotes good hygiene. Last but not least, the Onsen bath “promotes muscle pain relief, fatigue alleviation and blood circulation.”

Unfortunately, most offices don’t have Onsen baths. It is a problem that hinders and hampers productivity in workplaces around the world. Onsen.js is a lightweight informal gathering for people who would like to visit an onsen, socialize, and work remotely.

Event list

Due to limited working space at the Onsen premises, we use the friends invite friends system. If you know a friend who is going and would like to join, feel free to ask them for an invite. Also, feel free to organize your own Onsen.js, and feel free to invite us!

2024-03-22Onsen.js #8PAÑPURI Onsen & Spa
2024-03-11Post-WordCamp Asia HotSpring.jsBeitou Public Hotspring, Taipei, Taiwan
2019-11-28Pre-JSConf Japan Onsen.jsOoedo Onsen Monogatari, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
2019-08-09Onsen.js #7PAÑPURI Onsen & Spa
2019-07-12Onsen.js #6PAÑPURI Onsen & Spa
2019-01-28Onsen.js #4Let's Relax Onsen
2019-01-11Onsen.js #3Let's Relax Onsen
2019-01-04Onsen.jsYunomori Onsen


PAÑPURI Onsen & Spa

PAÑPURI Onsen & Spa is at Gaysorn Tower, 12F. The closest BTS station is BTS Chid Lom.

The work area has a USB plug on each seat, and a power outlet is available every 4 seats. Deodorants, face sprays, body lotions and mouthwash are available for use at the premises. There is also a relaxation area where you can take a nap. In the nap room, each chair has its own plug, but that room may not be suitable for work.

A day pass costs 750 THB and gives you access to the onsen from 10 AM to 10:45 PM, after which the staffs will chase you out.

There are occasional promotions on GoWabi where prices drop down to 690 THB (or 650 THB if you enter before 2 PM). Refer your friend and both you and your friend gets a 100 THB discount. If it’s your first time and you got no one to refer you, my referal code is thai-5702366.

Free Yoga class available at 6:30 PM, I guess…?

Clothing and photo-recording devices are forbidden in the onsen area and grooming/changing area. Only small towel is allowed. You will take out all your clothes during onsen. Please also note that people with full-body tattoos are not allowed into the onsen (by the premises’ policy).

If I understand correctly, the day pass only allows a single entrance. That means you may stay in the premises (including the cafe and nap area) for as long as you want until the place closes. But if you exit the premises you can’t come back in.

For first timers, I know it can feel quite daunting to take a communal bath with people you’ve just met! Once you enter the premises, please feel free to proceed to the Onsen pools right away; no need to wait. We can get to know each other afterwards!

Please feel free to invite your friends, but please bear in mind that the work area has only 10 seats. There are other seats but they are not ideal for working (you are more likely to get back pain, leaving you worse off). Feel free to join and leave at any time. For example, I might stay until the place closes… or not, depending on situation.

Let’s Relax Onsen

Read Poom’s review here.

How to organize

  1. Gather a few friends who would like to go to an Onsen. Usually this is done in person, maybe at a meetup or something. Pick a date and place. For remote working, it is recommended to pick an off-peak time, such as weekday afternoon.
  2. Create a private Facebook event. Let invited guests invite others. You can link to this page for introduction to the event. If there are discounted vouchers to buy, let the people know.
  3. Enjoy the event!
  4. Take a group photo, post it on Facebook, and add it to the table above by submitting a PR to this file.


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