Wiki โ†’ Data / Stupid Hack TH

This page keeps track of interesting metrics from each Stupid Hackathon event.

Number of teams6302320221533
Number of tickets9710580139105174
Number of presenters7174577671122
Event rating8.578.509.448.009.008.85


  • Number of teams
    • Represents how many teams presented in the presentation session.
    • Collected by counting the number of presentations.
  • Number of tickets
    • Represents how many tickets have been given out.
    • Collected by checking the number of tickets in Eventpop. This includes staff tickets.
  • Number of presenters
    • Represents how many people ended up coming to the event and presented.
    • Collected by summing up the number of team members in each team found in the registration system.
  • Event rating
    • Represents the average rating of the event.
    • Collected by averaging the score in the feedback form.


EDIT 28 June 2023 / @dtinth