Wiki โ†’ is a URL short link website for Creatorsgarten's assets.

Source code is available at creatorsgarten/

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List of all links

See the list of all links at

How to add links

Short links are managed on this wiki. To add new links to, update the YAML front matter of the page.

  • URL redirects. These are redirects to external URLs. To edit, go to [] and edit the links.

  • Page shortcuts. These are shortcut links to the page. For example, [] links to the CurrentEvent page. On that page, the shortcut link will also appear on the Metadata section in the side bar. To add a page shortcut, add a grtn: key to the page frontmatter:

    grtn: c

Rendering links on this wiki

On this wiki, you can reference links to by rendering Template/Grtn.

{% render 'Grtn', path: 'ls' %}

Result โ†’ []

View link stats

Link statistics are powered by Amplitude. To see the public chart, go to [].


UPDATED 13 July 2024