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Thai Tech Calendar, available at is a community-driven website that aggregates tech events in Thailand.

Subscribing to the calendar

You can subscribe to the Thai Tech Calendar in your calendar app.

  • If you use Google Calendar, click here to subscribe.

  • If you use another calendar app, you can subscribe to the calendar by subscribing to the following URL:

Submitting an event

You can submit an event to Thai Tech Calendar by following these steps:

  1. Create an event in a calendar software, such as Google Calendar.

  2. Send an invite to

  3. Your event will appear on the calendar.

Tips for maintainers

Importing a Facebook event

If an event is created on Facebook, you can quickly add it to the calendar by following these steps:

  1. On a Facebook event page, click “Add to Calendar.”

  2. An “Export dialog” event pops up. Select “Add to Calendar” and click “Export.” You will get an .ics file.

  3. In Google Calendar, go to the Settings page.

  4. Go to “Import & Export” → “Import” section. Select the .ics file and the calendar, then click “Import.”


Thai Tech Calendar was originally built by @thangman22 in 2019. It is now maintained by Creatorsgarten and other volunteers. In 2023, @rayriffy redesigned the website.


UPDATED 11 July 2024