Wiki → Techcal is a website showing tech events in Thailand.

Originally built by @thangman22 in 2019, it is now maintained by Creatorsgarten and other volunteers since. In 2023, @rayriffy redesigned the website.

You can help us maintain this calendar by joining the #techcal channel in Bangkok Open Source Discord server.


How to submit an event to this calendar?
  • Create an event in a calendar software, such as Google Calendar.

  • Send an invite to

  • Once approved, your event will appear on the calendar.

Some event information is incorrect or out-of-date. How to change?

Please join our Discord server at and let us know in #techcal channel.

I want to help maintaining the calendar! How do I volunteer?

Please join our Discord server at and ask! We’re just starting to maintain this calendar, so most process is currently done in an ad-hoc basis. We will update this page as we have more details in place.

FAQ for maintainers

How to import event from Facebook event?
  1. On a Facebook event page, click “Add to Calendar.”
  1. An “Export dialog” event pops up. Select “Add to Calendar” and click “Export.” You will get an .ics file.

  2. In Google Calendar, go to the Settings page.

  1. Go to “Import & Export” → “Import” section. Select the .ics file and the calendar, then click “Import.”


EDIT 25 April 2023 / @dtinth