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Message signing lets user generate a signature for a message. This signature can be later verified by Creatorsgarten’s servers. This can be useful if you want to prove a user’s identity or something.

Signing a message

To sign an arbitrary message,

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the message to sign, for example, "hello world".
  3. Click Sign message and you will get a signature.

Example signature looks like this:


Asking people to sign a message

You can construct a URL with ?signMessage query param, e.g.

When a person visit this link, this will make them sign the message "hello world". If they want to use the signature, they can copy the signature.

Verifying a signature

Make a GET request to, passing ?signature query param, e.g.

If a signature is valid, you get an object back, like this:

  "verified": true,
  "messageHash": "b94d27b9934d3e08a52e52d7",
  "userId": "644c35a6802c02345887f156",
  "timestamp": "2024-04-10T20:27:35.000Z",
  "nonce": "6616f6372507e7e12f17c2b7"
verifiedtrue, as the signature is valid
messageHashSHA-256 hash of the message, truncated to 24 characters
userIdUser ID of the person who signed the message (you can find your user ID in /dashboard)
timestampTimestamp of when the signature was created
nonceRandom nonce used to create the signature


EDIT 11 April 2024 / @dtinth