Wiki → How To Join Ring

Joining our webring is a nice way to stay connected with other creators. You can join our webring by:

  1. Add the webring logo to your website, linking back to this webring.
  2. Add your website to the ring.

Adding The Webring Icon

Here is the webring’s icon:

Right-click, save the SVG file, and put it on your website. Clicking on the icon should navigate to Feel free to change the icon’s color or stroke width, as long as it retains the shape design. If adding an icon is not possible on your platform, you can add a text link instead.

If you are also a member of วงแหวนเว็บ.ไทย, feel free to use this icon variant, which has the same stroke width and spacing as วงแหวนเว็บ.ไทย’s icon.

Adding Your Website to the Webring


EDIT 17 February 2023 / @dtinth