CodePlearn โค้ดเพลิน - Code, Play, and Learn!

Premier Prep

Date: 19 January 2019


By: [Creatorsgarten]


Easy coding activities for all kids. Code, Play & Learn on Saturday 19 January 2019

Activities for elementary and middle school students Get to know programming on a fun weekend with Coding Toys, tangible coding toys. Have fun coding to control robots. Get to know programming basics Logical thinking, imagination through touch and sight. Learn programming through playing in 1 hour and has anyone seen someone making awesome Minecraft? Here we have a little (not small) trick that will help make everyone's imagination come true in Minecraft. It only takes 90 minutes, so you can prepare yourself.

No one is wrong, no one is right, we will have fun together. And most importantly, it's free throughout the event!

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