The Event Ideas Board is a place for us to share potential idea for events and gather feedback.

These are for events that we would like to organize someday, but don’t know when. The goal for this board is to just put the idea out there and see if there is any traction.

How to submit a new idea?

For everyone: Feel free to send us your ideas in #event-ideas channel in our Discord server!

For event organizers: Our event ideas board is built on top of GitHub Discussions. Event organizers can add ideas to the board. Most of our events are run by a self-organizing team of volunteers, so the person who came up with the idea should be ready to spearhead the event. Anyone can discuss about the ideas by adding comments to the discussion. If you are an event organizer, you can follow these steps to submit a new event idea:

  1. Make sure you are in the Event organizers team on GitHub. If not, send us a pull request.

  2. Go to our “Event ideas” category on our GitHub Discussions forum and click on “New Discussion”.

  3. Write your idea. You can write your ideas in Thai language or English language, depending on the target audience.

  4. After 2–3 minutes, your idea should show up on the Event Ideas Board.

I’m interested in joining an event. What should I do?

On each event page, there is a Subscribe form. Just put your email in there, and when we come around to organize the event, we will send you an email.

I’d like to volunteer. What should I do?

On each event page, there is a Subscribe form to get updates about the event. After you subscribe, you can leave us a message to let us know that you would like to volunteer.

Alternatively, you can also comment in the respective GitHub Discussions.

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